First bans placed dyna: 19-01-2004 22:00

There were some players on the server who, besides playing quake, also liked to irritate others.
These guys where warned by others about this behavior before and said to change it.
I witnessed this behavior myself today and decided to take action.
Now I know there is a lot of talk going around on this subject, guess a lot of that is pointed towards me. I don't care.
But it's also the whole point, because this is what they’re are really good at. Convincing other people that they were not the ones being wrong. Trying to make me feel guilty like for not telling why I have taken this action. Generalizing. Personal assaults. etc, etc, etc.
It's not only their behavior on the server but also this manipulative behavior outside the server that cannot be tolerated.

Also remember guys, I am still the server admin and I still hold the right to do with it what I want.
But so far the decisions I made where ones where I thought I was acting for the good of the community, and even after this I still think I do...

Servers updated dyna: 18-01-2004 23:00

After moving to my new house I finally got around to updating the servers. They are now updated with the latest mvdsv, ktpro and the exmxtdm maps.

PureCTF Pro is born! dyna: 22-12-2003 01:30

With help from majic and sneek, I created an enhancement to the Pure CTF mod by Methabol called PureCTF Pro.
It has a userkey system, the spectating admin functions have been enhanced and some bugs have been fixed.
Expect more additions/enhancements/fixes soon. But show some patients as I'm still learning...

PureCTF Pro 0.02 is currently running at ctf.quakeworld.nl:27500 and userkeys can be obtained by contacting majic and instructions on how to use the userkey can be found here.

quakeworld.nl update dyna: 20-12-2003 15:00

As you might not notice, the code on this page has drastically changed. Still no design though...
However this page will not change into a community site just yet. We have decided that a CTF community site will be developed separately by Zazzie and majic for now. Integration is still planned somewhere in future though :P

Because of this development I decided to explore the world of QuakeC to see if I can do some enhancements to the centuries old Pure CTF :P

quakeworld.nl community dyna: 03-12-2003 23:00

Due to popular demand I decided to create a QuakeWorld NL community site on this domain.
Since I couldn't find an open-source CMS that does what I want, I will create one myself. I would end up heavily modifying the CMS anyway :P
Naturally this will take some time. But I'll just lock myself up with PHP and postgresql for a weekend and I should be able to get some results.
I did recently buy a house though, so I might be a bit distracted... Damn life, but hey, you need someplace to put your computer in and play quake :P

Other "highly popular" sections, like the file archive, will of course stay. Maybe someday even get updated... But hey, it's my life's work and someday it might ever be eehm... almost complete :P

Servers updated dyna: 03-12-2003 22:30

As your server spying software probably already told you, the servers were changed pretty soon after the initial post. To avoid more of these soon outdating posts I waited posting them again until I thought they were worthy :P
The servers are now:

  • quakeworld.nl 1on1 #1
  • qw.quakeworld.nl:27510
  • quakeworld.nl 1on1 #2
  • qw.quakeworld.nl:27511
  • quakeworld.nl 2on2
  • qw.quakeworld.nl:27520
  • quakeworld.nl 4on4
  • qw.quakeworld.nl:27540
  • quakeworld.nl Team
  • qw.quakeworld.nl:27530
  • quakeworld.nl PureCTF
  • ctf.quakeworld.nl:27500

  • quakeworld.nl Qizmo
  • qizmo.quakeworld.nl:28000

    The KTPro servers are updated to KTeams Pro 1.63.
    Also the CTF server's maxfps is reduced to 77 due to connection problems with default configurations. The server should run smooth again for players who experienced problems at maxfps 100.

    Maybe a RA server will be added to that list. There seems to be a demand for it.

    I know that this might look like overkill for the server at max usage, but chances that will ever happen are very slim...and I'll promise you that if it does, I'll upgrade the hardware :P

    VVV meets KOI in 5-5 match majic: 25-11-2003 13:00

    Today was the first semi-official clanwar/clanprac since a long time!
    A thrilling and exciting match between VVV and KOI - the two largest and most active dutch QW CTF clans.

    KOI preferred CTF2M5, with Quad & Penta enabled, while VVV's map of choice was the obvious CTF5, without Quad. Due to a bad connection of KOI members Unexist and Zazzie, .px.rage volunteered to fill in for the 5th spot.

    With players still warming up the first few minutes on CTF2M5 were rather chaotic, where VVV managed to capture the first time with help of the 666.
    Although both teams clearly paid a lot of attention to the quads, VVV controlled most of the runes and kept them in the team through teamplay and luck.

    KOI gave their best effort on their home map, the tough defense in the VVV camp kept Qloon and other KOI attackers from making sufficient captures, yielding a clear and obvious score of 584 / 209 in VVV's favor.

    The second round, played on the golden oldie CTF5, was a much closer match where teams were more or less balanced in the first halve of the game. Later on VVV started dominating, through good control of runes and keeping a steady flow of attackers lined up in the KOI base / castle.

    Some excellent defending on KOI's side kept the gap in the score from widening, and this resulted in a 751 / 448 victory for VVV.

    MVD (Multi View) demos can be downloaded here (CTF2M5) and here (CTF5).

    All in all a very sportive and fun match to watch, and hopefully the first of many to come. gg !

    CTF server updated dyna: 25-11-2003 12:30

    The CTF Server is now updated. It's now a Pure CTF server with all known CTF maps like ctf3, ctf4, ctf3mX, allstar, thunderwalker and all are watervissed for your underwater viewing pleasure. Get all those maps in one pack here.
    The server also allows 100 fps for smooth gameplay.

    The server is available at

  • quakeworld.nl PureCTF - ctf.quakeworld.nl:27500

  • I'm still fine-tuning the rest of the servers but the all-seeing eye will probably tell you that long before I do, as always :P

    QuakeWorld servers and Qizmo up dyna: 16-11-2003 00:15

    With a big thanks to the guys at gamers.tiscali.nl quakeworld.nl now has its own QuakeWorld servers and Qizmo.
    There are currently five servers running, but they are still in a testing faze. The servers may change to fit demands.

  • quakeworld.nl FFA - game1.tiscali.nl:27500 or qw.quakeworld.nl:27500
  • quakeworld.nl Team #1 - game1.tiscali.nl:27530 or qw.quakeworld.nl:27530
  • quakeworld.nl Team #2 - game1.tiscali.nl:27531 or qw.quakeworld.nl:27531
  • quakeworld.nl CTF - game1.tiscali.nl:27550 or qw.quakeworld.nl:27550
  • quakeworld.nl ClanArena - game1.tiscali.nl:27560 or qw.quakeworld.nl:27560
  • quakeworld.nl Qizmo - game1.tiscali.nl:28000 or qw.quakeworld.nl:28000
  • File archive up dyna: 05-11-2003 23:05

    Although the list was already viewable at the file archive it was only a plain text dump. The list is now database driven and most files are mirrored "locally" for your downloading pleasure. Except for the copyrighted material and a few missing files.
    Of course the list is nowhere near complete but I'm a bit stuck on the categorizing of the files. The database side is not so hard, but I also want to keep the files browsable on ftp so I need a good dir structure.
    Also I'm a bit stuck on php and I have to make the hard decision whether to continue with php or start with mod_perl because php just sucks...I can code more efficient database code in VB...

    quakeworld.nl take 2 dyna: 26-10-2003 22:00

    Welcome to quakeworld.nl Take 2. The first attempt didn't work out but since I need some new hobbies, I plan to make quakeworld.nl one of them.
    There is still no design on this page, but it'll come. The qw.net design was lame anyway, and what's worse, the html really sucked. But what do you expect when it was originally made with Frontpage.
    Well, now I'm back with my own design-less html. But at least its database driven :P