dyna: 17-07-2003 12:00

I'm busy scanning the net for missing entities and other quake resources (I found entities I never knew existed :)
But DAMN, even thought 75% of those old resources are down, there are still MANY, MANY resources out there... This could keep me busy for years :P

I don't think that any other game in the history of games created this much commotion.
id software was indeed correct when they said 'quake is everywhere', 'quake is forever' and 'quake is good for you' (Expect scans of those commercials soon, as I have them still hanging on my walls :)

dyna: 16-07-2003 12:00

I never told the public what I plan to do with this domain.
First off, i got this domain because it was free when I checked and i thought it would be a cool domain to have.

I'll start with just offering an archive of old quake/quakeworld entities and information. I'll do this because I want to and I'll do it at my own pace (which will not be too high).
I was already working on the archive before I noticed this domain was free and the idea of this site was born.

Maybe if I enjoy working on this site and I can find the time I will turn this page into something more...but I can't make any promises on that. :P

dyna: 09-07-2003 12:00

How do you like my new page design ? :P
Don't worry it's just a joke...I'll replace this page with something nice as soon as i find some time to (let someone) make a nice page.
I'm a bit "busy" lately though...

dyna: 06-07-2003 12:00

New server is up.

dyna: 04-07-2003 12:00

After a week of waiting, it's finally mine...
Step #1 is to reinstall this outdated ptraceable server.
Expect to see more soon.